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Preparing your Company to Achieve a Successful Sale
By Author: Simón Restrepo Barth, holds a Master in Finances from Andes University, Finance professor undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in EAFIT University, manager and shareholder of Artika Banca de Inversión.
It is interesting to see how many entrepreneurs risk all of their economic resources and the most productive years of their lives in order to start their own company. During the past decades, it was c...
The fall of the Colombian peso
By Economic
The Colombian peso (COP) started 2015 as one of the worst performing currencies against the dollar as it hits its 5-year low since 2009, standing at the moment at $1USD = $3032 COP. Surprisingly, C...
What is a Multi-Family Office?
By Simón Restrepo Barth, Niall Widdop
High-net-worth individuals are typically defined as those individuals with investable finance (financial assets excluding primary residence) of over $1m. A 2013 report found a global population of aro...