Francisco Gómez Giraldo

Mr. Gómez is BSc. Civil Engineer, Escuela De Minas de la Universidad Nacional . Associate of Artika Banca de Inversion S.A.S.

He held a position as a Finance Professor and worked in areas of Project Appraisals, Enterprise Assessments and tangible and intangible assets, between 1970 and 2000.

During his professional career he has been CEO of the following enterprises: Siderúrgica de Medellín (SIMESA), Industrias Metálicas Corsan S.A., Empresa de Refractarios Colombianos S.A., Siderúrgica del Muña S.A., Siminera S.A., y Bolsa de Valores de Medellín S.A..

He was also a CEO of the Sociedad Colombiana de Avaluadores Seccional Antioquia and Asociación de Avaluadores Industriales AVAL, and is a member of numerous executive boards such as Asociación Nacional De Industriales ANDI, FEDEMETAL, CAMACOL, Geominas S.A., Geoinversiones S.A., Procopal S.A., Navarro Ospina S.A. y Cales Rioclaro S.C.A..