Sale of Companies

Selling a company can be one of the most important tasks in the lives of entrepreneurs, they dedicate decades of work to create, develop and grow their companies, to inherit them to their children or sell them, a poorly executed sale can generate an irrecoverable loss.

Our company has developed a professional and effective methodology thanks to the experience of our international team of more than 100 professionals in mergers and acquisitions.

Our process basically consists of:

Mapping, identification and analysis of potential buyers at national and international level, including strategic and financial partners, family offices, high net worth individuals and private equity funds.

Preparation of documents to advance the process of presentation of information to the list of potential buyers approved by the CLIENT.

Investor contact phase, follow-up.

Signing of confidentiality agreements with interested investors.

Delivery of information.

Visits to the company with interested buyers, teleconferences to resolve concerns.

Receipt of letters of intent and negotiation of terms and conditions.

Preparation of virtual data room.

Due diligence.

Legal closing of the transaction.

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