Business Restructuring

When companies enter into crises that put their sustainability at risk, urgent decisions on strategic, operational and financial issues need to be taken.

Our team of bankers and financial consultants will help you to restructure your company so you can improve the chances of getting out of the crisis. Our service can cover:


Creation of a reorganization plan

With the objective to present it to the different interest groups whose support is necessary to carry out the process successfully. This can include banks, clients, suppliers, employees, unions and the state.

Profitability analysis by business unit

We will help you to understand which business units create or destroy value, which should be reinvented or closed, and which should be enhanced.


Strategic cost and expense reduction

We will accompany you in the analysis of all the expenses of your company and we will help you to reduce or eliminate all those that are not totally strategic.

Contract renegotiation

We will assist you in the renegotiation of labor contracts, consulting contracts, leases and other contracts to reduce the economic burden they represent.


Reprofiling of financial liabilities

We will support you in the process of reprofiling liabilities, seeking grace periods, better debt repayment conditions and reduction of financial costs.

Capital Raising

We will seek to raise capital to strengthen the balance sheet of the company, this can be done with Partners who invest directly in equity, or provide flexible leverage through debt or mezzanine capital.



Where appropriate, we will help you to merge with other companies in the sector, so that synergies can be realized and both companies can be strengthened.


Corporate Reorganization Law

We will help you to navigate through the complex world of corporate reorganization laws, helping you to decide when your company should take advantage of these types of mechanisms and when it is best to avoid them through private agreements. If necessary, we will accompany you through the process of filing an application for relief under your country’s reorganization law and implementing the reorganization.

Divestment processes

We will help you to understand which assets (business units, properties, brands, etc.) can and should be sold, in order to obtain liquidity in an urgent manner. In some cases we will help you to sell these assets ourselves.

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